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Opening Day
Thursday, 13 September 2018, 11:00-21:00

SPLITTERWERK and Friends present:
Rosa Stein lebt
Still Learning from Las Vegas. The Exhibition.

Project Space, St. Peter-Pfarrweg 30, 13th Floor, Door 56, 8042 Graz

Edith Hemmrich and Mark Blaschitz, Direction and Curation.

Free Admission

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The book "Immer noch Lernen von Las Vegas" follows in the footsteps of the architectural classic "Learning from Las Vegas", exactly 40 years after its publication, written by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour. A recent local inspection shows that the "City of Entertainment“ has changed fundamentally. The book itself is designed as an art object that is based exactly on the formal specification of the German edition "Learning from Las Vegas" of the legendary "Bauwelt Fundamente“. The exhibition tackles the difficult task of translating the book into a contemporary space installation.

Immer noch Lernen von Las Vegas
Zur Autoikonographie und figurativen Architektur der City of Entertainment
Blaschitz/ Hemmrich/ Köglberger

Herausgeber: SPLITTERWERK; Mark Blaschitz, Edith Hemmrich, Josef Roschitz
Verlag: SpringerWienNewYork
Seiten: 204
Abbildungen: 140 davon 37 in Farbe
Sprache: Deutsch
Format: 19 x14,2 cm
Autoren und Co-Autoren: Mark Blaschitz, Angelika Fitz, Sophie Grünewald, Martina Haidenthaler, Edith Hemmrich, Katarina Kerbitz, Katharina Köglberger, Rosa Elisa Liao de Rothbart, Josef Roschitz, Matthias Standfest, Klaus Stattmann
Auflage: März 2013

Bestellung: Ambra
ISBN 978-3-7091-1462-9

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