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location: Milano, Italia
client: auchan group
architecture: SPLITTERWERK
structural consultant: WERKRAUM WIEN
projektteam: Mark Blaschitz, Hannes Freiszmuth, Edith Hemmrich, Elisabeth Oswald, Carola Peschl in cooperation with Peter Bauer

site area: 200.000 sqm
built-up area: 50.000 sqm
costs: 80.000.000 EU
start of planning: 2001

Auchan Now!

200.000 sqm image.
Traffic planning, landscape design or architectural design - we do not claim differentiability. The only remaining important fact ist that 50.000 sqm of buildings together with 150.000 sqm of parking space make an area of 200.000 sqm; space enough for getting across a strong image. Seeing buildings, parking spaces and open-air-areas as one common artificial landscape, can develop impressing architecture. Selling strategies, together with moving patterns, speed and the intention of the customer make up the most important background conditions. A software, accordingly programmed, fractures, groups and orders the individual functions into one complex whole. From a scattering of functions, which corresponds to the periphery, the process of "functional compression" programs an up-to-date arrangement of entertainment, information, shopping and opportunities for spending leisure-time.

Art, artificiality and image. Shopping malls, hyper markets, movie centers, gambling halls, action,- and phantasy worlds are today's theatres. The stage and the auditorium melt together and create a hybrid of functions, which can best be compared to the promenades at the dawn of the 20thcentury. An integral part of this strategy of success is the interaction of the art of engineering, architecture, stage set and design. A brightly coloured, lit up artificial landscape displays the mall's potential and sheer size day and night. Advertising a so-called "well sorted selection of goods" is out - the days of the neon-sign amongst a wood of ads are counted. Advertising is replaced by image. A change of paradigm is executed in the use of mass-media. The web and reality-tv change our society. The borders between cyberspace and reality become increasingly blurred. For artists only is this idea an already reflected fact. When the 200.000 sqm hyper-hybrid gets its first Jeff-Koons-palm-trees, kitsch becomes art and the invitation "Meet me at the pool!" becomes the beginning of a happening.

Special offer. Landscapes are potential building grounds. Artificial landscapes, too. Offices and residential buildings make use of the vast potential of area of this "rooftop landscape" as the best construction grounds. This creates an economical interesting and - from the aspect of city-planning - useful compression and mix of functions. The hyper-hybrid mall appears as soft hill-scapes in a periphery and rises up to impressing mountain-ranges in a city. Inner courts or atriums, covered with domes of light, bring daylight and, if need be, sunlight into the interior of the market.

Structure. The main task is to find a supporting system which is able to carry the dead and the live loads in a economic way. The solution is a main supporting system of simple straight steel trusses with I-beams as a secondary structure. The system can reaction various load conditions in varying the height, the span or the number of the trussed beams. Structure for live loads (5.00 kn/sqm).

Primary structure. steel truss, span of 20 m to 28 m, height approximate 1.50 m. The position of colums is free under the primary structure. Secondary structure: I-beams, if necessary trussed. Deflection: maximum 60 mm under live loads.
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