SPLITTERWERK    The Label for Fine Arts and Engineering : Buildings Projects Installations Paintings
Headquarters: St.Peter-Pfarrweg 30/56, A-8042 Graz, Austria, EU, Tel ++43 316 810598-0, Fax -40, splitterwerk@splitterwerk.at
please also visit our website : algae-architecture.com
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In the digital gallery of e.a.k., the digital images created by Edith Hemmrich since autumn 1995 are staged for the internet as a part of the world-wide-web-prototype 0000.00.

client: free work
concept and realisation: SPLITTERWERK
project team: Edith Hemmrich, Mark Blaschitz, Lena Doppel, Gernot Ritter
project start: 1995
completion: 1995
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